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ESTd 2000

We use surveys to help you understand, measure, and improve employee engagement

Our Story

Originally part of a large national market research firm, TalentMap became an independent entity in 2000 led by a select team of skilled survey professionals. Since the beginning, the focus has been exclusively on employee engagement surveys and workplace measurements.

We have helped countless public and private sector organizations across North America of all sizes measure and manage employee engagement and workplace intelligence to create positive organizational change. Our approach to employee survey deployment has evolved into a flexible and configurable experience in which companies select the support they need while taking control of the aspects where they have expertise.

TalentMap has offices in New York NY, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON and Edmonton AB.

"There is much more to improving employee engagement than a successful survey deployment. You must also embed change in a way that makes sense for a business."

- Sean Fitzpatrick

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Our Partners


TalentMap's is  an active member of SIOP. This helps us stay on top of  both the art and science of survey design and implementation.


TalentMap's Founder and President is conducting his Doctoral research at Cranfield University.  His research focuses on employee engagement.   Cranfield is ranked number 1st in the world for Organizational Behaviour FT Global MBA ranking.

Conference Board

TalentMap partner with the Conference Board to develop original research on employee engagement best practices.  the Conference Board of Canada is dedicated to building a better future for Canadians by making our economy and society more dynamic and competitive. The are experts in conducting, publishing, and disseminating research.

TalentMap is a member of the new Insights Association (formerly CASRO), an advocacy and education group dedicated to directly supporting the marketing research and analytics community. The Insights Association helps empower intelligent business decisions as a voice, resource, and network for the companies and individuals engaged in this important work.


Since 2014, TalentMap has partnered with the National Research Council of Canada to develop leading edge survey reporting technology.

TalentMap's Dedication to Confidentiality

TalentMap is affiliated with the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and the Marketing and Research Intelligence Association (MRIA) and honor their privacy guidelines, research standards, and codes of conduct.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure survey respondent privacy is protected. Individual survey responses are collected and stored by TalentMap and are kept confidential.

For more information, view our privacy statement.

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