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Our 7-Step Process

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Step 1 – Prepare for Action (Survey Planning Meetings & Discussions)

Step 1 – Prepare For Action Survey Planning Meetings & Discussions This step has two main activities. The first activity relates to educating the leadership team and ensuring common buy-in and understanding at the executive level. Our experience confirms that if the CEO and his/her leadership team do not understand and fully support the engagement survey Read More …

Step 2 – Develop Your Questionnaire

Step 2 – Develop Your Questionnaire We will consult with you regarding customization of the survey that best meets your needs. Following our initial consultations, we make specific recommendations on survey and report template design that aligns with your business goals. Standard Questionnaire (minor changes only): TalentMap provides advice on the design and development of the Read More …

Step 3 – Pre-Survey Communication

Step 3 – Pre-Survey Communication A high response rate is vital to success. It allows you to act on credible data and have confidence in the action plans that your team develops. In order to get a high response rate, you must communicate clearly, often, and effectively prior to the launch of the survey. We provide survey Read More …

Step 4 – Deploying Your Survey

Step 4 – Deploying Your Survey Our process is flexible and allows respondents to complete their survey either on a PC, mobile device or by paper. We will consult with you to determine the best deployment method(s) for your organization keeping in mind cost effectiveness, time constraints, and maximization of response rates.   Unique Survey Link Read More …

Step 5 – Executive Report & Analysis

Step 5 – Executive Report & Analysis Our goal is to provide you with exceptional data analysis and reporting that will clearly guide executive and management decision-making.  Our reporting protocol is as follows:   Data Cleaning: This step occurs prior to any analysis. It includes reviewing the data for duplicate, incomplete or other suspicious or non-valid Read More …

Step 6 – Communicate Results

Step 6 – Communicate Results This is where the hard work begins! Management Review: The first thing to be done after the data is analyzed is to share the results with the management team.  We typically do this in two steps as follows: Online Preview with Survey Team (60 minutes): 12-15 days after the close Read More …

Step 7 – Management Training & Action Planning

Step 7 – Management Training & Action Planning Action planning is the most important step in the survey process. If you ask employees for their opinion, it is important to act on what they tell you. We work with you to develop an executive action planning approach that is based on S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Read More …

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For all things Employee Engagement, visit our library full of great articles, webinars, events, tips, tricks and more. We post weekly on emerging topics that come straight from industry experts, client experiences, and the TalentMap benchmark database; you can be sure you are up to date with workplace engagement and the real-life challenges faced by companies just like yours.


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