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What Effective Employee Engagement Looks Like in Local Governments

Is working for government really as bad as they say?

Absenteeism and general disengagement have long been associated with civil servants at all levels of public service.

Is public servant indifference real? Or Rumor?

Studies including TalentMap’s own research, suggest low engagement rates among public servants can be attributed to a litany of complex and multifaceted factors.

Widely held notions that local government workers are underworked and overpaid for example, undermine employee morale. Poor morale translates to poor employee engagement.

The storytelling that comes from public service employee surveys highlight areas with the greatest impact on engagement and point to potential areas for improvement.

During the webinar, David Ang, VP of Engagement and Consulting at TalentMap, answers the following frequently asked questions and more:

  • How can you attract and retain Millennials and GenZers into roles and responsibilities their predecessors stuck with for their entire work life?
  • Is low turnover a reason to celebrate or a cause for concern?
  • What are signs of a troubled public service workforce?
  • What are some of the common root causes that slow or stop public servants from becoming highly engaged employees?
  • What strategies can you put to work to lift morale and work around barriers?

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Watch the webinar recording for a deep dive into the world of public servants and what makes them tick.

David Ang, MBA, CMRP | VP of Engagement & Consulting, TalentMap

About David Ang, MBA, CMRP | Vice President of Engagement & Consulting, TalentMap

A seasoned market research professional and management consultant, David Ang brings over 25 years of consulting experience to help TalentMap’s clients better understand their workforce and improve employee engagement. Over the years, David has worked with a wide range of clients from the private sector to non-profit and government organizations. His extensive research and consulting background with PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Antima Group, and TNS have enriched his abilities in building effective client survey strategies, questionnaire design, focus groups, workshop facilitation, and executive presentations. With David’s ability to turn data into valuable insights, clients can easily understand and utilize survey results to create meaningful change in their workplace.

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