Reassuring the employee engagement skeptics: “back pocket” answers to respond and address concerns about your survey initiative

You are convinced of the need to measure and manage employee engagement in your organization. You’ve seen the benefits of higher morale, higher productivity, higher retention, and all the rest. Unfortunately, you’re also met with “the skeptics”: those people in your organization who are just not convinced the same way you are:

• “Engagement surveys are so yesterday. We need a more novel approach”
• “Engagement surveys are not really confidential”
• “Engagement surveys don’t change anything. Nothing ever happens”

In this webinar, Norm Baillie-David, will provide you with experience and keen insight into what the real insecurities are when people put forward these and other objections. Better yet, this webinar will arm you with evidence and facts from decades of research in order to address these issues and convince “the skeptics” in your organization of the benefits of actively measuring and managing employee engagement.

Interested in learning more about actions you can take in your organization?

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