Professional Growth and Employee Engagement: The Small Organization (Part 1)

Amazing work on the webinar! Loved the career management vs. performance management!

— Jessica Gabriel – Employee Relations Specialist at H&M Hennes & Mauritz

Professional growth, career growth, and feeling one makes a contribution are consistently the most important drivers of employee engagement in most organizations. Get these right, and you have a much better chance of having a high level of engagement.  However, the quintessential challenge faced by most organizations in today’s day and age is that the traditional approaches to career have changed, and there just aren’t enough positions to satisfy all of that talent that need a promotion to stay engaged.

Join Norm Baillie-David as he discusses the role of professional growth in employee engagement, and shares how the most successful organizations are meeting this challenge head on. The results may surprise you!

Download the slides: 23jun16 - Professional Growth

I always find these seminars informative and interesting!

— Gloria Fougere – Director, Finance & Accounting at Real Estate Council of Ontario

Interested in learning more about actions you can take in your organization?

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