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Expert Panel: The Weighty Matter of Health, Well-Being, and Employee Engagement

We’re into the early days of a new year when the stickiness of “resolutions” still has some hold. Health and wellness tops the list for most.

Unfortunately, that post-festive period when people start out full of good intentions often never lasts. In fact, according to the Fitness Industry Association, around 12 percent of gym members sign up in January and most quit or stop going after 24 weeks. Many more would probably have quit earlier if they weren’t committed to an extended contract.

Clearly, there’s widespread interest in personal health.

On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST, join TalentMap’s SVP of Engagement, Norm Baillie-David, together with Linda Lewis-Daly, Workplace Wellness Program Consultant at Goodlife Corporate Wellness and Brad Gerard at ParticipACTION, for a weighty discussion around how corporate well-being initiatives have evolved, where they’re headed and their impact on employee engagement.

Participants will learn:

  • How does personal health carry over into the workplace?
  • Do organizations that offer health and well-being programs have higher employee engagement over those that don’t?
  • What initiatives can organizations take to promote a healthy employee lifestyle?

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norm baillie-david, svp engagement, talentmap

About Norm Baillie-David, MBA, CMRP | SVP of Engagement at TalentMap

A recognized expert in workforce measurement and experiences, Norm Baillie-David, SVP of Engagement at TalentMap, works closely with clients to help them understand survey data to improve their workforce. Leveraging his research, strategy consulting, facilitation skills, and 30+ years of experience, Norm’s ability to tell a story with mounds of data give clients the needed direction and insight as to how to improve their workforce through a series of innovative workshops. Norm’s bilingualism and passion for workforce improvement have been a great asset in building and expanding TalentMap’s consulting business. When not en route to client meetings, Norm enjoys cooking, cycling, soccer, and getting his two teenage sons ready for life.

Linda Lewis-Daly, Workplace Wellness Program Consultant and GoodLife Fitness

About Linda Lewis-Daly | Workplace Wellness Program Consultant at GoodLife Fitness

Linda Lewis-Daly is a workplace wellness program consultant with GoodLife Fitness and owner of Lewis-Daly & Associates, Workplace Wellness Solutions (www.lewisdaly.com). She works tirelessly to try to improve people's lives through promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Linda assists GoodLife’s Workplace Wellness division in developing workplace programs that support employee health promotion focusing on awareness, education and sustainable behavior change. By creating customized strategies with an emphasis on illness and disease prevention, GoodLife provides corporate partners with practical, engaging and holistic wellness solutions.

Brad Gerard, Program Director of UPnGO at ParticipACTION

About Brad Gerard | Program Director of UPnGO at ParticipACTION

Brad Gerard has worked with Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Jumpstart Charities and ParticipACTION on a variety of initiatives promoting sport and physical activity in Canada. Currently, he is the Program Director of UPnGO with ParticipACTION, a workplace wellness program helping Canadians sit less, and move more at work. With only 18% of adults are getting the required amount of physical activity each week and spending an average of 10 waking hours per day being sedentary there are great risks to our physical and mental health, our productivity, and overall happiness. UPnGO is a program designed to disrupt the workday in a positive way serving up behaviour change challenges, nudges and tools designed with experts in behaviour economics at the University of British Columbia and University of Toronto, to help employees be at their best. ParticipACTION’s overall mission to contribute to 10% of Canadians sitting less and moving more by 2020.

ParticipACTION has been Canada’s premier physical activity brand for over 45 years and is widely recognized as a top thought leader and champion of physical activity and sport in Canada. UPnGO is ParticipACTION’s marquee workplace wellness program.

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