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Job Purposing and Employee Engagement: Crafting Meaningful Work for Employees

Employees today don’t want to work to line the pockets of their boss or their boss’s boss.  All work is now, at least in part, about societal or environmental stewardship.

Occasional donations and volunteer events are fine but no longer sufficient. People want to support values they hold dear at the workplace on a daily basis. They want to feel the organization they work for cares about more than profit. When they feel that’s the case, they care back. And when they care back they put in extra effort. Genuine corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives extend that sense of caring beyond business parameters. One of the most effective approaches to CSR, called “job purposing,” is intentionally tying jobs to some greater purpose employees can get behind and feel good about.

On March 22 at 12:00 PM EST TalentMap’s SVP of Engagement, Norm Baillie-David, joined Bea Boccalandro, President at VeraWorks, for an intriguing discussion about what organizations can do to give and get the greatest good through job purposing.

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Everyone has their own idea of where and how to channel efforts. Donating time, expertise, funds, etc. Webinar participants will learn:

  • What is job purposing? How is it inclusive? What makes it differ from volunteering?
  • How can work that fills an organizational function possibly serve a societal cause and vice versa?
  • Where is the connection between job and purpose and employee engagement?
  • Do organizations with job purposing have higher employee engagement over those that don’t?
  • How can I get started with job purposing?
norm baillie-david, svp engagement, talentmap

Norm Baillie-David | SVP of Engagement, TalentMap

A recognized expert in workforce measurement and experiences, Norm Baillie-David, SVP of Engagement at TalentMap, works closely with clients to help them understand survey data to improve their workforce. Leveraging his research, strategy consulting, facilitation skills, and 30+ years of experience, Norm’s ability to tell a story with mounds of data give clients the needed direction and insight as to how to improve their workforce through a series of innovative workshops. Norm’s bilingualism and passion for workforce improvement have been a great asset in building and expanding TalentMap’s consulting business. When not en route to client meetings, Norm enjoys cooking, cycling, soccer, and getting his two teenage sons ready for life.

bea boccolandro president veraworks headshot

Bea Boccalandro | President, VeraWorks & Author of the Job Purposing Blog

Bea Boccalandro is founder and president of VeraWorks, a global consulting firm that helps managers and companies offer employees the opportunity to do societal good through their everyday jobs. "Job purposing," as this management practice is called, heightens employee engagement, performance and wellbeing. She is also author of the Job Purposing blog, teaches corporate community involvement at Georgetown University and is a frequent keynote speaker on the role of community involvement in everyday corporate jobs. Bea has helped Aetna, Allstate, Bank of America, Caesars Entertainment, Disney, FedEx, HP, IBM, Levi's, PwC, Toyota and many other companies develop ways to incorporate societal good into their day-to-day business and measure its societal and business impact. Bea also conducts research and thought leadership on corporate community involvement and has authored several publications. Learn more at beaboccalandro.com.

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