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How to Navigate Employee Engagement Roadblocks: 5 Major Barriers to Overcome

In 2016, close to a billion US dollars was spent to improve employee engagement around the world. You’d think all this money would lead to better engagement results. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Data shows the numbers of people engaged in their organizations is on the decline or stalled at best.

As much as we might like to believe employee engagement is fueling higher emotional investment and giving voice to the ideas and insights of employees at any level in our organizations, barriers to engagement are hindering progress.

Some studies show fewer than one in three people are engaged. What’s more, the engagement index average has essentially remained unchanged year over year sitting at 68% today – exactly as it was in 2000. What’s going on? Why isn’t employee engagement improving?

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TalentMap founder Sean Fitzpatrick, an authoritative and influential voice in the specialized field of employee engagement, charts the way around roadblocks that impede employee engagement improvements.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Why understanding the concept of engagement is a make or break consideration, especially within the context of your own organization
  • How your organization’s “focus” can block or pave the way toward engagement gains
  • Why we encounter roadblocks that slow or stall progress if we’re not asking the right questions and using the wrong measurements
  • How we can steer clear from following seemingly obvious directions – that lead to low or no improvements – by understanding why certain other factors drive higher engagement results in our organizations
  • Why strategic and purposeful integration of employee engagement across all organizational activities (or not) can fast track or derail improvements
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About Sean Fitzpatrick

With a vision of creating better workplaces everywhere, Sean Fitzpatrick founded TalentMap to ensure organizations are met with successful employee engagement survey experiences from start to finish—with an emphasis on strategic post-survey action planning. By working across multiple sectors with organizations of all sizes, Sean has unique insights about how organizations can improve as they grow. In addition to leading TalentMap, Sean serves on the board of directors for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, has authored several papers on measurement in the workplace, and is widely sought for HR speaking engagements across North America.

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