Employee Engagement in Municipalities

A Special Sector Requiring a Special Approach

Municipalities in North America represent very complex work environments, which combine a myriad of different types of employees.   Depending on how your municipality is incorporated, you may have to engage police and emergency response, transit workers (and deal with their respective unions), labourers, students and seasonal workers, as well as administrators, research and policy analysts and a host of other types of employees.  To complicate matters even further, this usually needs to be done under the watchful eye of city councillors and the media, which often take what seems to be a confrontational approach to city administration.  Needless to say, a blanket approach to measuring and managing engagement in all of these respective employee populations will have very limited effect.

Join Norm Baillie-David, SVP Employee Engagement at TalentMap, as he relays our extensive experience in measuring and improving employee engagement in municipalities across Canada and the United States.  In this webinar, Norm will address concrete issues such as building the case for engagement in municipalities, techniques to maximize participation in engagement surveys,  how to engage union membership, engagement issues affecting different types of employees, and managing city council and the media.

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