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Employee Engagement in Higher Education is a Tough Lesson to Learn

Higher education institutions have higher than average employee engagement challenges.

Emotional investment levels are vastly different between academic and administrative staff. These differences are exemplified in low employee survey response rates from tenured and adjunct faculty that fall well below industry standards.

Conventional engagement considerations are being displaced by safety. Concerns about on-campus gun violence abound. In the wake of #MeToo, heightened sensitivity is pervasive around issues of harassment – sexual and other. Increasing numbers of employees and the institutions where they work are identifying safety as a top driver of engagement.  Does that mean sacrificing survey confidentiality in the name of safety first? Where does that leave respondent candor?

Norm Baillie-David provides a hard-hitting examination of the state of employee engagement in today’s higher education system.

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  • Why is STEM usurping Humanities and Social Science disciplines and how does that impact employee engagement for staff in these fields?
  • With technology and business evolution rendering traditional professions and curriculum choices obsolete how can demoralized academics find innovation and creativity?
  • In-class learning is giving way to Disruptive Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Where does employee engagement fit into this picture?
  • How can employee engagement stem the flow of talent to prestigious, well funded institutions?
  • Where and how does safety fit into the engagement equation?
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About Norm Baillie-David, MBA, CMRP | SVP of Engagement, TalentMap

A recognized expert in workforce measurement and experiences, Norm Baillie-David, SVP of Engagement at TalentMap, works closely with clients to help them understand survey data to improve their workforce. Leveraging his research, strategy consulting, facilitation skills, and 30+ years of experience, Norm’s ability to tell a story with mounds of data give clients the needed direction and insight as to how to improve their workforce through a series of innovative workshops. Norm’s bilingualism and passion for workforce improvement have been a great asset in building and expanding TalentMap’s consulting business. When not en route to client meetings, Norm enjoys cooking, cycling, soccer, and getting his two teenage sons ready for life.

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