After The Employee Engagement Survey: Now What? Best Practices in Communicating Survey Results and Action Planning

Download the slides: Post Survey Communication-26may16

The results are in. The presentation to the leadership team went well, and all eyes turn to you as the CEO utters those famous words: So, what are the next steps? You’ve been anticipating that, and have loads of questions:

• How should we cascade the results to managers and staff? Is there are a right way and a wrong way?

• What are the best practices?
• How do we go about action planning?
• What should we focus on?
• How do I deal with groups that don’t want to follow the organizational approach, i.e. they want to do their own thing?
• How do I satisfy the people who don’t accept the organization’s results and think their group is different?

Join Norm Baillie-David, SVP Consulting, as he draws from numerous case studies and success stories to provide best practices in how to proceed after the survey to ensure that your survey investment is maximized and that you do the right things right to improve employee engagement in your organization.

Interested in learning more about actions you can take in your organization?

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