Understanding 360º Leadership Surveys

A Guide for Valuable Multi-Source Feedback

Set The Stage For Greater Self-Awareness & Personal Development

Multi-source feedback gleaned from 360º Leadership Surveys gives managers a unique look at their abilities as viewed by themselves, their boss, direct reports, and peers. It sets the stage for greater self-awareness and personal development.

With the help of 360º Leadership Surveys, organizations can find the right people to be managers and help new, long-standing managers adapt to and refine their leadership roles.

Guide: 360 Leadership Surveys

Additional advantages of 360º Leadership Surveys include:

  • Assessments unique to each individual and their position
  • Brings awareness to interpersonal and relationship skills
  • Sheds light on the views and expectations of others
  • Gives a clear sense of an individual's strengths and weaknesses
  • Presents results in a constructive way that's easy to understand and accept
  • Provides data that can be used to create effective personal development plans

Download the full guide on 360º Leadership Surveys to gain a better understanding of the purpose of 360º surveys and how to plan for a more successful multi-source feedback program.

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Download the 360º Leadership Survey Guide