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Post-Survey Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Survey Results Are In — There's A Tsunami Of Data: Do You Know What To Do?

Employee survey statistics can be daunting for HR teams and their business unit partners.

Info Sheet: Train-the-Trainer Workshops
  • It's easy to get lost in data
  • Volumes of information are open to misinterpretation
  • Findings, especially poor results, threaten to stir up defensive cynicism
  • Analysis paralysis creeps in
  • Employees become skeptical, doubtful findings will lead anywhere
  • Leadership support falters

With TalentMap's half-day DIY Train-the-Trainer workshop, we bring together 10 to 20 HR managers and business partners to tackle a full agenda on how to interpret survey results and gain the know-how to develop effective action plans internally.

Working in partnership with TalentMap, HR and management teams receive assistance reading and interpreting survey results. Participants will also learn how to deliver and deal with questions around bad news, coach managers who haven't done well with their team's engagement scores, prepare and motivate managers to conduct action planning initiatives, and more.

To learn more about TalentMap's DIY Train-the-Trainer post-survey workshops and what you can expect from TalentMap, download the full info sheet.

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