TalentMap “Take Ten” With Norm Baillie-David


Kelly: What’s your role at TalentMap?


Norm: So, what I do is I help client’s answer the question “Now what?”

So we do a survey for them, they have their results, I present them the results, and that begs the question “Now what do we do?” and I take over from there. I help them understand what their results mean and more importantly what they need to act on, what they need to do, how to get started. Taking the results and improving.


Kelly: You’re the “Action” man


Norm: I am the Action man (laughter)


Kelly: So, do you have a “favourite day”, while you’ve been at TalentMap?


Norm: Yes, I most definitely, that’s easy. Every day I do a JumpStart workshop is a favourite day. Why? Because it’s transformational. You walk in and you’ve got a whole bunch of fearful, very skeptical, a lot of cynical employees looking at each other, thinking “What’s he going to do? how’s this going to work?” You, know “they’re never going to be able to improve things around here” and by the end of the day you’ve got a supercharged group, they’re super enthused cause they’ve come up with their own ideas and had a lot of fun and most importantly they’ve got their management in the room, so management has bought into the ideas as well. So, the energy is really…it pumps me up. So, any day I do one of those, I say “I love my job”.


Kelly: When did you start with TalentMap


Norm: I started in January 2014, so 3 years ago


Kelly: What did you want to be when you grew up?


Norm: I wanted to be a diplomat, that’s since I was 12. I’ll tell you a little bit about the story. I used to spend my summers in Germany with my grandparents, and when I was 12 I thought “Well how can I get a job...” that’s when people start to ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So, “How can I figure out how to stay in Germany?”, I fell in love with it, and have loved it ever since. How could have a job that allowed me to keep my Canadian connection and my German connection, Oh! Well, I could be the Canadian ambassador in Germany. So, that conditioned what I did in High School, what I did in College, when I did my Bachelor’s Degree, International Relations till I finished my degree and though, hmmm, I need a real job.


Kelly: If you had one day that you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?


Norm: That’s a hard one! I have a lot of things on my bucket list, but one thing I really want to do is cycle in Burgundy, around France. So, the day would start off, probably in Dijon, cycle through the day, stop in the afternoon at a farm house, cook a family dinner. Then the vineyards….that would be perfect.


Kelly: That sounds nice


Norm: I’m going to do it! It’s just a matter of when


Kelly: What does TalentMap mean to you?


Norm: TalentMap to me means helping people. Because essentially anytime we get involved; depending on what the clients give us leeway to do it; we transform organizations.  I’ve seen that transformation up close and personal and been a part of that, TalentMap is the vehicle from which we can understand what “pain points” the clients have and address them, and improve them. Improve and employee’s sense of being and you’re helping people. That’s what TalentMap is to me.

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