Step 7 - Management Training & Action Planning

Action planning is the most important step in the survey process. If you ask employees for their opinion, it is important to act on what they tell you. We work with you to develop an executive action planning approach that is based on S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) model that has proven very effective in achieving results in a time-effective manner.

Following the presentation and dissemination of survey results, TalentMap can work with your employees and management team to help them generate, categorize, and prioritize high impact improvement ideas and recommendations. Our senior consultants work in partnership with your senior executive team and the rest of your organization to develop a concrete action plan. Having a detailed change management plan is crucial for raising awareness and ensuring that your organization makes enduring positive change as a result of the employee survey.

This outside support for your managers is a key to building and implementing a workplace strategy for increasing engagement over time. Most managers are busy.  They welcome any help they can get to understand the survey results from their unit, and identifying the key steps to take to improve engagement.   Managers often require assistance reading and interpreting local level departmental snapshot reports, and developing and implementing effective action plans.

TalentMap has designed two highly popular workshops to address these issues and to ensure that your managers become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.  A summary of the two workshops is detailed below:

Focus Groups and Executive Report with Recommendations:

We help define focus group objectives, format, sampling, participation, invitations, methodology, and discussion topics. We analyze your results and prepare a detailed executive report with specific recommendations.

  • Discover the root causes and underlying issues
  • Validate and clarify your results
  • Gain greater insights to drive your action planning process

Manager Training (How to Read & Interpret Results and Develop Action Plans)

This training is an exceptional process to help managers develop a specific and consistent communication of results, and a local level action planning process. The objectives are to help managers read and interpret their own individual (Snapshot Report) and acquire the skills and knowledge to communicate the results to their team effectively. This half-day hands-on workshop can accommodate up to 25 managers.

  • Introduction to engagement and underlying management concepts
  • Overview of corporate results and team/group specific results
  • Introduction to tips, tools, and techniques to prepare, deliver and develop local level action plans
  • Group work to flush out challenges and opportunities
  • Development of manager specific communications and action plans

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