Step 6 - Communicate Results

This is where the hard work begins!

Management Review: The first thing to be done after the data is analyzed is to share the results with the management team.  We typically do this in two steps as follows:

  1. Online Preview with Survey Team (60 minutes): 12-15 days after the close of your survey we will preview the results with your survey team.  This a prelude to the onsite Executive Leadership presentation and gives a preview of the results and provide an opportunity for you to provide feedback to us on our initial recommendations.
  2. Onsite with Executive Team (90 minutes): 2-3 days after the online preview we come onsite to present your overall results and our initial recommendations for action.  At this presentation, your Executive Team can dive deep into the results, ask questions and gain a good overall understanding of the results.  In addition, this provides an opportunity to plan the next steps for communicating the results effectively to staff.

Employee Communication: After management is briefed, the results need to be communicated to employees.  We recommend that you communicate survey results to employees within 30-60 days following survey completion. Many clients engage us to help them roll out their results to their managers and employees.  We can do this effectively and efficiently because we have developed standard templates and process for the following:

  1. Employee Presentations: we develop and deliver a presentation of the results to your employees designed specifically for your workforce.
  2. Webcasts: we develop and send or post a web-based presentation of your results. This is a great tool for geographically dispersed staff.
  3. Management Training: we coach and train managers (from the front line to senior executives) to help them understand the survey results and how to communicate the results to their team, so these individuals can confidently roll out their individual group or business unit results.

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