Step 4 - Survey Deployment

Our process is flexible and allows respondents to complete their survey either on a PC, mobile device or by paper. We will consult with you to determine the best deployment method(s) for your organization keeping in mind cost effectiveness, time constraints, and maximization of response rates.

Unique Survey Link for Each Employee: We will send your survey invitation within a unique URL to each Internet-enabled employee with an email address that you provide.  We will embed a unique URL that directs the respondents to your questionnaire hosted on our secure servers.  We also send up to three reminder emails to all non-respondents.

Kiosk or shared computers: For those without a corporate email address but who may have access to the internet either at work or at home, a URL that directs the respondents to your questionnaire hosted on our secure servers is set up. For example, the link can be posted on your internal website or otherwise communicated to allow those without a corporate email address to access the questionnaire.

Mobile Friendly: All of our surveys are designed to adapt to the screen size and type of device of the user and they can be easily completed either by PC or a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone (IPhone, Blackberry or Android).

Paper Options: We can also provide paper questionnaires as an option for those employees who are not able to complete the survey online. For small numbers (under 50) we typically send a formatted PDF version of the questionnaire to your survey team, who then print off copies and distribute as required. The completed questionnaires are then couriered back to TalentMap data center for processing.

Other Methods: In addition, we can also deploy your questionnaire over the phone through our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or we can create QR  (quick response) codes for easy access.

Project Management: Your TalentMap Senior Project Manager manages your entire survey process. We monitor your participation rates daily and alert you immediately if participation rates fall below expectations. We provide suggestions and recommendations for improving participation rates. In addition, we can easily extend your survey deadline if required.

Confidentiality/Security: All you data is secure and confidential.  You can never link Individual response survey data to the respondent’s identifying information. Paper survey respondents receive assurances in the instructions regarding the confidentiality and privacy of the responses they provide. Respondents are invited to contact TalentMap should they have questions pertaining to confidentiality and privacy.

Duplicate Responses: We ensure there are never any duplicate responses. For respondents with a unique survey link, our system blocks them from trying to submit more than one response. For those who access an open link via a kiosk or public computer our software algorithm detects, time, IP address and nature of responses to flag any unusual responses which are then reviewed manually.

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