Step 3 - Pre-Survey Communication

A high response rate is vital to success. It allows you to act on credible data and have confidence in the action plans that your team develops. In order to get a high response rate, you must communicate clearly, often, and effectively prior to the launch of the survey. We provide survey communication templates to save you time and ensure that your messages are clear and easily understood. We provide clients the following:

  • (FAQs): on the survey process and confidentiality for managers and supervisors and employees
  • Posters: large colorful graphic workplace posters to promote your survey
  • Email Template & Message: customized email templates ready to send
  • Meeting Agendas:  to brief executives, managers, and employees on the survey
  • Reminder Emails Messages: to increase response rates
  • Thank you emails/messages: to your staff to thank them for their time (which helps maintain response rates in future surveys)

You can expect an overall average employee survey response rate of 80%, however, many of our clients enjoy participation rates well above 80%.

Sue-Anne Poutanen, Manager Clients Services

Your TalentMap Project Manager will provide you with a comprehensive communications package along with recommendations and best practices for ensuring survey success. We will work in partnership with you to help refine a communication plan specific to your requirements.

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