Step 1 – Prepare For Action

Survey Planning Meetings & Discussions

This step has two main activities. The first activity relates to educating the leadership team and ensuring common buy-in and understanding at the executive level. Our experience confirms that if the CEO and his/her leadership team do not understand and fully support the engagement survey initiative, then success will be limited.

The second activity relates to the detailed steps around project management and logistics. With respect to the first activity, buy-in from top management, TalentMap will also ensure that the survey is relevant to your strategic objectives, workplace requirements, and unique work culture. We will consult with you and review relevant documentation, including your strategic documents, business plans, previous surveys and results to understand the key issues and questions that will drive the design and customization of the survey. We will also meet with the CEO and executive team as part of the process to understand the key issues, identify obstacles and to enhance executive buy-in. During these initial meetings, your survey team will be introduced to the TalentMap senior project manager who will be the dedicated project point person for the duration of the project.

With respect to the second activity, project logistics, we prepare a detailed project work plan that sets out timelines, project scope, and project team roles and responsibilities, a survey communications strategy, an issues management process and a comprehensive risk management plan. We meet with your survey team to discuss all aspects of the survey project in detail including our recommendations for survey design, deployment, methodology, survey communications, deliverables approval process, reporting, benchmarking, results roll out, and follow-up action planning initiatives. We review our training and support processes and discuss the best process for managing issues for the duration of the project.

Survey success depends on your team working together with ours. We recommend that your survey team include HR professionals, communications specialists, HRIS specialists, non-HR line manager representation and senior executive sponsorship.

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