Stay Interview Guide

Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Stay Interviews: A How-To Guide

A "Stay Interview" is a one-on-one structured discussion between a manager and an employee.

It's a conversation to identify and reinforce factors that drive an individual employee's retention and engagement. Using this proactive interview tactic lets your star performers know how much they matter and goes a long way toward improving retention rates.

TalentMap created this how-to guide as a simple and efficient resource for HR practitioners and managers at large. The guide consists of five parts including how to:

  • Start the conversation
  • Identify factors that make the employee want to stay and engage
  • Identify retention-related factors that might increase engagement
  • Identify possible triggers that may cause employees to leave
  • Conclude the conversation
stay interview guide

The guide also provides a step-by-step series of questions to help you guide meaningful conversations and receive fruitful outcomes.

Download TalentMap's guide to conducting stay interviews and get started today!

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