Should I Run Engagement Surveys?

run engagement surveys

Yes, run engagement surveys.


It is the best way to effectively and efficiently collect systematic feedback from your employees.

The need to understand what’s happening within your workforce is more important today than ever before. Employers who identify and address critical concerns will be rewarded with a healthy bottom line and a loyal workforce.


One way to gauge if you should run a survey is whether you can honestly answer these questions without more information:

  1. Are your managers effective?
  2. Is your senior leadership team trusted?
  3. Are you providing sufficient opportunities for growth?
  4. Is morale low following downsizing?
  5. Are you at risk of losing your best people?

Over the past several years, massive restructuring and layoffs have been the mantra of management teams globally. In this economic climate, many employers make the mistake of assuming that workers will be happy just to have a job. The tough management decisions in recent years have often left workers feeling deflated, overworked and lacking motivation. As the market bounces back, the employers who will thrive will retain top talent and re-engage their employees, and keep them engaged.

Webinar Library

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By Norm Baillie-David | February 12, 2018

Webinar | Norm Baillie-David, SVP at TalentMap and Bea Boccalandro, President at VeraWorks, discuss how job purposing can heighten employee engagement, performance, and wellbeing.

Expert Panel: The Weighty Matter of Health, Well-being, and Employee Engagement

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Managing Your Own Employee Engagement Survey

By Norm Baillie-David | June 22, 2017

Managing Your Own Employee Engagement Surveys While TalentMap is very pleased to conduct, interpret, and follow-up on employee engagement surveys on behalf of our clients, we also know that there are many organizations that, for whatever reason, prefer to conduct their survey in-house.  Wait what?  An employee engagement survey provider is going to help me Read More …

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