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Redefining Professional Growth in a Re-Imagined Work World

What is professional growth? For most of us, the first thing that comes to mind is a vertical climb up the corporate ladder from entry-level to mid-management to senior leadership. But professional growth is much broader than that.

The work environment is vastly different from the past, morphing with advances in technology, skill sets, and market demands. These days a good number of organizations are becoming flatter, less hierarchical.  Futurists predict people will transition through several different careers during their working lives. A redefinition of professional growth needs to be understood by both employers and employees in the context of these new realities.

Employers can’t continue to believe they hold all the cards anymore, because they don’t.  And from the employee perspective success is no longer about reaching the VP level; it’s about developing skill sets and experiences that eliminate redundancy and make the individual highly employable in a market where talent reigns supreme.

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During the webinar, TalentMap’s Vice President of Engagement & Consulting, David Ang explores hot-button questions around career progression in a reimagined work world. Participants will learn:

  • What does professional growth look like when upward promotion is limited at best?
  • How can employers enlarge the realm of experience for their workforce?
  • What kinds of practical professional growth tactics can organizations use to recruit, engage and retain?
  • Where and how can creativity augment compensation limitations?
David Ang, MBA, CMRP | VP of Engagement & Consulting, TalentMap

About David Ang, MBA, CMRP | Vice President of Engagement & Consulting, TalentMap

A seasoned market research professional and management consultant, David Ang brings over 25 years of consulting experience to help TalentMap’s clients better understand their workforce and improve employee engagement. Over the years, David has worked with a wide range of clients from the private sector to non-profit and government organizations. His extensive research and consulting background with PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Antima Group, and TNS have enriched his abilities in building effective client survey strategies, questionnaire design, focus groups, workshop facilitation, and executive presentations. With David’s ability to turn data into valuable insights, clients can easily understand and utilize survey results to create meaningful change in their workplace. If you are looking to strike up a conversation with David, golf and soccer are the key as he’s passionate about both.

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