Should We Provide Incentive to Complete the Survey?

Employee Engagement Survey Response Rates

provide incentive to complete the survey

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No, typically you don't need to provide an incentive for employees to respond to an engagement survey.

Employees likely want and welcome the opportunity to have a voice in how they are managed and do not need to be bribed to respond. Instead, the best practice is to focus on techniques which ensure high response rates.

The best ways to achieve a high response rate (greater that 75%) is:

However, depending on your organization's culture and if implemented correctly, contests and other incentives can be an effective tactic to build additional excitement around your employee survey. Examples include:

  • Corporate Contests: Offering to enter everyone's name in a company draw - but ONLY if your survey response rate goal is reached. Enticing prizes might include tickets to sports and entertainment events, restaurant certificates, pizza lunches, and gift cards.
  • Departmental Contests: Encourage healthy interdepartmental competition by offering a celebratory pizza lunch to the department with the highest percentage of responses at the end of the first week.
  • Charitable Donations: Communicate to employees that the company will donate a certain amount of money for every completed survey received to a charity of their choice.
  • Time Allowances: Allow employees to wrap up their work day 30 minutes ahead of time so they can complete the survey without interruption.

While these incentives work for some organizations, they're not for everyone and are not always necessary. Strong communications, planning, and a clear commitment to acting on survey results are the key to reaching your response rate goals.

Want to improve you employee survey response rates?

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  1. Not exactly. but sometimes it is good to make some contests. So that makes a healthy relationship between organization and employees.

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