Managing Your Own Employee Engagement Surveys

While TalentMap is very pleased to conduct, interpret, and follow-up on employee engagement surveys on behalf of our clients, we also know that there are many organizations that, for whatever reason, prefer to conduct their survey in-house.  Wait what?  An employee engagement survey provider is going to help me do it myself instead of sell me on them doing it?


Technology is rapidly allowing for organizations and individuals to do many things themselves (at a lower cost) than before.  In the words of that famous Do-it-Yourselfer Mike Holmes:  we want you to “make it right”.

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sean fitzpatrick

Join Sean Fitzpatrick, Founder & CEO at TalentMap, as he goes through some of the most important do’s and don’ts of doing an employee engagement survey on your own, so that you are successful in properly measuring and assessing engagement in your workplace, and more importantly, so that you can set yourself up to succeed in taking the right action to improve engagement.

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