White Paper

Labour Market Trends: Outlook and Implications for Canadian Municipalities

Changing Workforce Demographics, Substantial Fiscal Pressures, and More

Impending labour market trends will dramatically impact all organizations; municipalities are no exception. The workplace of the future is fraught with challenges in terms of labour force tightening, skills shortages and fiscal constraints.

This white paper provides a brief overview of some of the major demographic and workplace trends which are influencing the workforce of the next five to fifteen years.  An immense amount of information regarding demographic trends, trends with regard to the public sector and trends with regard to employee engagement have been condensed into a succinct document for (hopefully) easy reading.

A number of sources, primarily labour market information from Statistics Canada, as well as a number of reports and publicly available sources, were consulted for this document.

This document has been prepared not only with the intention of highlighting key trends which will have an impact on human resources management, but also with a keen eye on developing some high-level, long-term strategies to better position municipalities as an era of fundamental generational change and potential labour shortages evolves, particularly in some key occupations needed to continue to provide exceptional service.

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