Why Is It Important For Everyone in an Organization to be Working on the Same Key Engagement Drivers?

key engagement drivers

In short, everyone working on the same key engagement drivers enables focus, ensures consistency, and is beneficial when resources are scarce.

As difficult as it may be, it is important for an organization to focus on one or two key engagement drivers. Each group cannot be focusing on a variety of different engagement drivers. That is not to say that the scores of a particular department should be ignored if there is a particular disparity between it and the rest of the organization and it is unexpected.

For example, a remote group of employees working in another country may score Information and Communication lower than the rest of the organization. This would not likely be a surprise to the organization, and it is somewhat expected. On the other hand, if Immediate Management scores across the organization are at 75%, and there is one Department that has a much much lower score that stands out as being particularly low, it is worth investigating. That Department may have a manager issue and by determining the problem and devoting resources and effort to remedy it, you are effectively dealing with a situation that needs to be addressed. However, it is unlikely that this sort of tactical response will have much impact on the overall engagement of the organization.

If the organization as a whole, scores low on an item that is a driver, creating global initiatives to address the issue will have a large impact on overall engagement and culture. Alignment of vision across an organization creates a coordinated mandate. Branching out into too many directions takes away this focus from common goals which generate the greatest impact.

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  1. In my view, it is important Important For Everyone in an Organization to be Working on the Same Key Engagement Drivers. It helps our organization are able to build engaged, high performing workforces by investing in every employee. Besides, Changes in leader behaviors can have a real impact on employee engagement. For example, when leaders improved their skills through training, employees became more engaged in their work. Moreover, the organization’s senior leaders understanding the strategic importance of developing a highly engaged workforce and committing to make it happen.

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