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Post-Survey JumpStart Action Planning Workshop

It's Easy To Collect Data, It Takes Effort To Follow Through

Quiet inaction after an employee survey can be a real employee engagement killer. Putting survey results on the back burner or disregarding them altogether leave employees stewing over why they even bothered answering the survey.

With TalentMap's JumpStart Action Planning Workshop, we ensure you ACT on your organization's survey data with support from our thought-leading action planning specialist.

Info Sheet: JumpStart Action Planning Workshop

JumpStart Action Planning Workshops are full-day, focused workshops facilitated by an experienced TalentMap consultant. We bring together groups of 25 to 50 senior leaders, managers, and employees to generate and prioritize viable action items. Workshops typically surface a total of 50 to 75 suggested "action ideas" to improve employee engagement. By the end of the workshop, organizations will have 12 to 25 key ideas that have been prioritized, fully developed, and are ready to implement.

To learn more about TalentMap's JumpStart Action Planning Workshops and what you can expect with TalentMap as your action planning partner, download the full info sheet.

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