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TalentMap's Pre-Survey Leadership Workshop

They Talk The Talk, But Are Your Executives Genuinely On Board?

You’ve selected a survey partner. Contracts are in the works. By now your executive team has heard lots about employee engagement.

Leadership tells you they buy-in; research data, however, shows that’s far from the case:

  • Most executives don’t really understand the concept of employee engagement
  • They’re preoccupied with their own areas of focus, don’t fully appreciate what they’ve agreed to, other matters take precedence
  • If senior leadership truly understood employee engagement, then by default they would be acting with conviction to improve engagement, consulting employees and acting on feedback as part of the strategic planning process, and investing more time and money in your people agenda
Info Sheet: Pre-Survey Leadership Workshop

Before you begin to dive into the survey process you need to make sure there’s consensus about what it is you’re collectively trying to achieve.

TalentMap’s Pre-Survey Leadership Workshop is a consultative approach to working with your CEO and leadership team.

Have a third-party specialist step in to uncover real yet unstated obstacles to successful employee engagement initiatives. TalentMap's consultants step in and delve into why executive-led support is critical to organization-wide engagement and why engagement is critical to organization-wide success. To learn more, download the full info sheet.

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