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TalentMap Entry Survey Solutions

Maximize Your Recruiting Investment with Entry Surveys

New hires have an expectation of their new job and employer. If the job isn't what they signed up for, if they're overwhelmed, under-challenged or feel out of sync, chance are they'll high-tail it. The first impression your organization makes matter — a lot.

Recent studies found:

  • 33% of new hires know whether they'll stay long term after their first week
  • 40% of employees who quit on their own volition do so within six months of starting their job
  • Another 16% leave voluntarily within 12 months
  • Yet almost a quarter of companies say they don't bother with formal onboarding programs
Entry Survey Solutions Info Sheet

With entry surveys, HR professionals are able to discover what really attracts people to their organization, improve recruiting and onboarding practices, maximize recruiting investments, and minimize the time it takes for employees to become productive in their new roles.

To learn more about TalentMap's entry survey solutions, download the info sheet on how entry surveys and proper onboarding measures demonstrate to new hires that their organization cares about them and their long-term success, which can boost retention and job performance.

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