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TalentMap's 360 Survey Program Solutions

People Don't Leave Organizations, They Leave Managers

In a transitioning business world, people leaders are finding themselves juggling changing expectations and roles, such as:

  • Demands for agility, decisiveness, soft skills
  • Fewer managers, bigger projects, more direct reports
  • Flattening infrastructures
  • Self-managed teams
  • Automation entering the workplace
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The development of leadership is a continuous process, where management talent is cultivated within the organization or brought in from elsewhere.

With TalentMap's 360 survey program solutions, organizations receive a unique perspective of an individual's management abilities as viewed by the individual, their boss, direct reports, and peers. It sets the stage for greater self-awareness and professional development — and the likelihood of higher engagement and lower turnover rates.

Download the 360 survey program solutions info sheet for more information on how you can start gathering credible data that affirms management strengths and highlights where behaviors can be added or adapted for more effective and influential leadership.

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Download the 360 Survey Program Solutions Info Sheet