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TalentMap's Post-Survey Focus Groups

Employee Survey Results Are Confounding - New Questions Emerge

After employee engagement survey results are in, further dialogue may be needed to validate and clarify results, unearth the root causes of issues, and provide deeper insights that feed into and assist with action planning.

TalentMap's post-survey employee focus groups probe problems, causes, and surface suggested solutions. The process allows participants to contribute without much effort and promotes a healthy sense among employees that their opinions are valued.

Info Sheet: Post-Survey Focus Groups

Facilitated by an experienced focus group moderator, we bring together dynamic groups of eight to ten employees, managers, and leaders to solicit additional insights and clarity. TalentMap recommends three to six focus groups, two hours each, over a period of one to two days.

For more information on post-survey focus groups and what you can expect with TalentMap as your partner, download the full info sheet.

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