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Not-for-Profit Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement in Not-for-Profit Organizations

Membership driven advocacy associations and charitable cause organizations operate under complicated circumstances.

The stakes are high for the not-for-profit sector. Employees encounter financial viability struggles, reliance on dues, donations, sponsorships, conferences, and special events, accountability to funding stakeholders, board pressure, regional versus national clashes, policy versus passion conflicts, work/life imbalances, and more.

So how can you manage and improve your organization's employee engagement despite these factors? It all starts with regular and effective employee engagement surveys.

Galvanizing employees through engagement surveys and actionable data is your executive and people managers' most influential tool.

Generate valuable strategic information from your employee engagement investment. Enhance advocacy outreach and improve revenue streams. Combine TalentMap's not-for-profit survey expertise with scientifically sound insights and actionable outcomes.

Download the not-for-profit employee engagement info sheet to learn more about industry-specific workforce engagement, how to improve employee engagement in your organization, and what you can expect with TalentMap as your partner.

not-for-profit industry employee engagement info sheet not-for-profit industry employee engagement info sheet

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