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How to Win Executive Buy-In for Employee Engagement Initiatives

Effectively Communicate The Value Of Employee Engagement To Executives

You’re serious about strengthening employee engagement. Serious in your belief that involving employees in identifying barriers to productivity and innovation will measurably help your organization achieve business goals. You’re conversant with empirical studies and reports describing the financial and nonfinancial impact of employee engagement.

But your executive and leadership team, they’re not quite there yet.

Guide to WInning Executive Buy-In for Employee Engagement

To derive value from any survey process, leadership must commit to investing the resources necessary to effectively communicate and implement actionable, prioritized survey findings in a timely fashion.

TalentMap has put together this guide to winning executive buy-in for employee engagement initiatives to help set HR professionals on the right path when thinking about introducing an employee survey to their organization.

This five-part guide features:

  • Where to start when thinking about employee engagement surveys
  • Employee engagement's impact on absenteeism and turnover
  • The impact employee engagement has on productivity and growth
  • The return on employee engagement investment (ROI)
  • How to counter 15 common objections persuasively

Download the full guide to winning executive buy-in to help your efforts in kick-starting your employee engagement initiatives.

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Download the guide to Winning Executive Buy-In