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Handling Verbatim Comments in Your Engagement Survey: How to Walk the Tightrope Between Insight and Confidentiality

As a rule, HR professionals have a good idea of what the issues are across their organizations. Employee engagement surveys draw attention to those issues - in data format.

Open-ended survey questions give organizations and leadership a deeper glimpse at how employees think, perceive and feel about certain subjects and why. This verbatim feedback is a veritable goldmine of information.

But, how can confidentiality be assured if those comments are shared as part of survey findings? Why would employees “risk” saying what they think? What’s their motivation for being candid? Is there a way to separate the wheat from the chaff? How can we tell the difference between a complaint from a disgruntled employee and a legitimate area for concern?

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On Thursday May 24, TalentMap’s Senior Vice President of Engagement, Norm Baillie-David hosted a conversation about how employee feedback:

  • reveals reasons behind high or low scores that aren’t explained by the numbers themselves
  • provides tangible information at enterprise and department levels
  • brings more clarity to issues
  • protects respondents’ confidentiality
  • elevates levels of trust when reported and acted upon
norm baillie-david

About Norm Baillie-David

A recognized expert in workforce measurement and experiences, Norm Baillie-David, SVP of Engagement at TalentMap, works closely with clients to help them understand survey data to improve their workforce. Leveraging his research, strategy consulting, facilitation skills, and 30+ years of experience, Norm’s ability to tell a story with mounds of data give clients the needed direction and insight as to how to improve their workforce through a series of innovative workshops. Norm’s bilingualism and passion for workforce improvement have been a great asset in building and expanding TalentMap’s consulting business. When not en route to client meetings, Norm enjoys cooking, cycling, soccer, and getting his two teenage sons ready for life.

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