Post-Survey Action Planning

A Guide for Positive Organizational Change

A Lack Of Employee Survey Follow-Up Is One Of The Biggest Mistakes Organizations Make

Organizations can say all kinds of things without uttering a single word. One of the most perilous is leadership's big silent hush following an employee survey. That quiet inaction can be a real killer.

Numerous employee engagement studies show a lack of follow-up and post-survey action planning is one of the biggest mistakes organizations make.

Employees need to know their opinions matter and expect to see management act on survey results.

Guide: Post-Survey Action Planning

Following up on an employee engagement survey with action planning and implementation shows employees their insights don't vanish into thin air but rather, make things happen visibly and measurably.

This Post-Survey Action Planning guide was created to help HR professional and leaders streamline action planning initiatives to help create positive organizational change. The guide explores:

  • The pitfalls of failing to act on post-survey results
  • A framework for continuous improvement
  • How to counter opposition and win over skeptics
  • Tactics to secure buy-in across the organization
  • The role of senior leadership and people managers
  • The formula for action planning success

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