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Exit Surveys & Interviews: Insights from Hire to Retire

What Makes An Employee Leave One Organization For Another?

Turnover costs are complex. They include administrative paperwork; loss of knowledge and skills; transferred workloads; disrupted productivity; and of course, recruitment training, and learning curve ramp-up time. These costs add up.

So how does an organization slow down employee turnover and its associated costs?

Employee exit surveys help you find out what your exiting employees really did like and dislike about their work and work environment, management, and the organization overall. This survey data will pinpoint areas specific to your organization.

How-To Guide | Exit Surveys & Exit Interviews

Combined with employee exit interviews, HR professionals and leaders can confirm areas with the greatest impact on employee retention and potential actions for change.

Download the guide to learn more about how using one or both tools can lead to influential insights, improved retention rates, and better management performance. It also includes a compilation of 15 key exit interview questions to use and some of the actions to which they can lead.

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