Effective Employee Engagement Survey Communications

The Ultimate Guide for High Response Rates

Increase Survey Response Rates with Effective Employee Survey Communications

Achieving a high response rate is vital to a successful employee engagement survey program. Your organization's leaders, managers, and general employee population need to understand the purpose and their part in its success.

TalentMap's Employee Engagement Survey How-To Guide was created as a simple and efficient resource for HR practitioners and people managers. It offers strategic planning, pre-survey, launch day, reminder, and post-survey communication content alongside recommended timelines and other promotional tips.

employee survey communications how-to guide

Incorporating these steps into your survey implementation will help motivate participation, achieve the highest response rates possible, and assure employees that their input has been heard.

Benefits of thoughtful communication include:

  • Involves Everyone in the Process: Clarifies the purpose, secures buy-in and commitment from the C-suite, and emphasizes the value of each respondent's opinions and insights.
  • Stresses Confidentiality: Assures the survey is a safe avenue for employees to voice honest opinions and results in candor and trust.
  • Generates High Participation Rates: Produces more data for better analysis.
  • Validates the Importance of Employee Feedback: Acknowledges what is being done well and where improvements can be made and conveys next-step plans based on findings.
  • Increases Employee Engagement: Draws attention to post-survey action and demonstrates progress, which ultimately leads to better business outcomes and more enjoyable workplace culture for everyone.

Download the ultimate guide to employee survey communications to increase response rates and collect valuable employee data to create meaningful workplace change.

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