How to Explain Engagement Scores to Staff

explain engagement scores

The best way to explain engagement scores is to put them in context. This can mean comparing the scores to a previous period for your organization or comparing them to a standard benchmark of comparable organizations - and in the most desirable of cases, both. Using an outsider to deliver results and address key questions can help put the results in context, enhance credibility for the survey and improve buy-in for action planning.

For organizations with data from previous periods, it is useful to be able to draw connections between the items that came up as areas of concern in the last survey, with initiatives and strategies that were implemented to address these areas. This shows a cause and effect relationship that helps employees understand the nature of engagement, and it ensures employees know that their feedback was taken seriously, and as a result, positive change ensued.

When speaking with more cynical employees, it is important to refer to the data, as it speaks volumes. High response rates help drive home the point that the data reflects the opinions of all employees and not just a small sample. Excellent representation/participation in the survey should provide them with confidence in the data. TalentMap is a non-biased third party that has surveyed hundreds of organizations resulting in a comprehensive database that we use to compare to your results. This generally allows your staff to feel confident there is no bias or “twisting” of data or "spin' on the results or recommendations arising from the results.

Do you need help to explain engagement scores to your team?

Of course, we can do that too. Contact us today for more information about how TalentMap can drive measurable change through engagement surveys and action planning.

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