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Pulse surveys come in many shapes and sizes. A Pulse survey may include one question sent out each week to all employees, or it may be a handful of 4-5 short questions sent out quarterly to a random employee segment. It could also refer to a specific set of questions designed to follow-up (3, 6 or 9 months) after a full employee engagement survey. Many of our clients choose to deploy a short pulse survey to measure the impact of their action planning efforts. The pulse survey data will help you fine tune your strategy and make any required adjustments.

TalentGage Pulse Survey (TGPS &TGPS+)


TalentGage Pulse Survey provides a quick organizational health check in the form of a short five to ten-minute survey. The Pulse survey is typically conducted in between conducting full engagement surveys and is used as an opportunity to check in with employees. This allows organizations to measure progress on the key drivers that came out of their engagement survey and quickly identify new areas of focus that may be emerging. Our Pulse Survey+ provides you with some extra flexibility when it comes to customization of your survey.

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Benefits of a Pulse Surveys


• Gives organizations time to react to emerging problems before they get worse.
• Helps keep issues on the table as part of the ongoing daily discussion and decisions about running the business.
• Enables timely measurement of issues that are hot for Executives.
• Removes some excuses for not acting on results that are seen as dated or irrelevant.
• Acts as an effective employee relation strategy.
• Helps in process and work culture improvement.

Types of Pulse Surveys


• Snapshot: A glimpse or picture in time of the opinions, thoughts or ideas of a given employee population.
• Performance Indicators: Uses an index score on a subset of questions, to measure improvement in employee engagement
• Audience or Topic Specific: Millennials, vendors, customers, volunteers
• Follow-up Survey: Questions asked about the process of action planning

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Using the TalentGate Platform for Pulse Surveys


Our TalentGate platform gives you the flexibility to administer any type of pulse survey. The system can easily be configured to send out single question pulse surveys to some or all of your employees (weekly monthly or even daily). Alternatively, it can be used to deploy to subsets of your employees on specific sets of questions that relate to their business unit, geography or function.

TalentGate’s key features for administering pulse surveys:


• Capable of designing and deploying real-time pulse surveys or picking from a library of pre-set questions
• Mobile friendly: employees can connect via PC, Mac, smartphone or tablets, designed to gather a wealth of information easily and rapidity

• Capable of managing random sampling as well as rolling random samples (clients gain instant and ongoing employee survey feedback without causing survey fatigue)
• Unlike simple survey technology alternatives, TalentMap provides valid and reliable indices
• Rapidly capture data without sacrificing scientific validity, delivering reliable data used for important post-survey action planning and decision making.
• React quickly with real-time online reporting
• Powerful reporting capability designed to eliminate delay between deployment and analysis
• Year over year reporting - because the best benchmark data is your benchmark data

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Why Choose TalentGage Pulse?


• Third party objectivity and confidentiality
• Statistically tested and proven questionnaire items
• Actionable reports for your management team
• Assigned Project Manager who will guide you through the process
• Proven, scientifically designed employee survey process
• Benchmark data comparisons on reports to see how your organization stacks up
• Access to online reporting tool to run your own reports and analyses


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