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Improve recruiting and onboarding practices with Entry Surveys and improve employee retention with Exit Surveys.

TalentEntry (TE+)


Improve recruiting and onboarding practices with TalentEntry, an online process that collects systematic feedback from new hires, internal transfers or acquired employees at 30, 90 and 180 days. With TalentEntry, you can efficiently pinpoint and rectify challenges before they impact your bottom line.


Benefits of TalentEntry


• Gives organizations time to react to emerging problems before they get worse.
• Maximize your recruiting investment
• Minimize the time it takes to make new employees productive
• Identify onboarding issues before it’s too late
• Retain your top talent



Support strategic decisions with detailed reports revealing the reasons why employees leave and find out what your organization can do to retain them. Ideal for voluntary leaves, transfers, part-time or co-op/summer students. TalentExit is a process for efficiently collecting systematic feedback from departing employees.


The Benefits of TalentExit


• Provide a channel for open honest feedback
• Enable consistent exit feedback across your organization
• Establish credible data for decisions by identifying trends by department
• Create goodwill with departing employees


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