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Talent360 is designed to assist managers to develop their skills and abilities through multi-source feedback, participatory workshops, and personal improvement plans.



TalentMap’s 360 survey instrument is based on empirical research rather than theory. The items reflect behaviors displayed by managers and employees in high performing organizations. It pulls most heavily from research conducted over more than 10 years at TalentMap. During the course of these years, we have worked with hundreds of North American technology and knowledge-based firms and thousands of managers to help them improve. The authors of the instrument are Sean Fitzpatrick (President and Founder of TalentMap) and Dr. Thomas Foard (President of Foard Associates).

workforce management 360 degree survey

Benefits of a 360 Surveys


• Receive candid, honest feedback from your managers, direct reports and peers
• Establish credible data for decisions regarding organizational development
• Highlight key strengths and gaps in your leadership behaviors
• Understand how you & your raters perceive your behaviors when you are leading and influencing others
• Open lines of communication with your manager and your direct reports
• Start an important professional and personal development process


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