Customized Employee Survey Solutions

For When One-Size Doesn't Fit All

Your organization is as unique as the people who make up your workforce. So are your organizational needs and wants. That’s why TalentMap offers full custom-tailored survey solutions. We ensure all custom surveys maintain a high level of statistical validity and reliability for actionable results.

Make Smart Changes

While many organizations use our standard questionnaires without change or customization, the vast majority count on our experience and knowledge to help decide when, where and how to customize.

For organizations looking to change major sections or themes to align with your organization’s specific goals or to resonate better with your employees, we ensure you make smart changes. No change goes without scrutiny to maintain scientific and statistical rigor.

And because of our obsessive attention to detail, results from your TalentMap survey experience are a solid resource for sound decision-making.

survey customization
Custom Surveys: Business, Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility

Add Custom Dimensions

At TalentMap, survey customization for employee engagement measurement includes the option of adding different dimensions or thematic sets of questions. Common custom dimensions include:

Business Strategy

Change management, mergers and acquisitions, and new leadership are added stressors for your organization and people. Are your business strategies having the kind of impact intended? Are they even being noticed? Is there something else that needs addressing?

Safety Culture

Safety was once the purview of heavy industry keen on achieving accident-free days. Today, safety is a key employee engagement topic for many; healthcare and education sectors chief among them.  Is safety embedded in your organization’s DNA or just another part of operations?

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employees want to work for employers who share their values. How do your initiatives stack up in the hearts and minds of your workforce? What can be done better?

Customize Questions and Retain Benchmark Continuity

Even one slight word change can make a huge difference when it comes to benchmarks and trending. TalentMap subject matter experts help you design the right wording for measurement continuity.

  • Rework or replace any part of our standard time-tested questionnaires
  • Use previous surveys (conducted in-house or with another survey vendor)
  • Reuse important items (questions)
  • Opt for unlimited customization with a comprehensive assessment of past surveys and/or items (questions) you intend to reuse, which may include a confirmatory factor analysis to identify ‘redundant’ items and maintain statistical rigor
Benchmark Continuity

We liked the instrument; it was an easy-to-use online tool. City leaders were very impressed with the summary presentation. Overall, it was exceptional value for money. TalentMap is good if not better than larger, higher-profile competitors. We were impressed with the quality of service from start to finish.

Gerard Saretsky | Manager of Organization Development, City of Medicine Hat

The straightforward nature of the easily understood questions that allow for benchmark comparisons against organizations of similar size and industry, along with the professional support from staff have made our first experience with an externally-led survey very, very successful. I’ve been impressed by both TalentMap’s scientific and people-focused approach to employee engagement which has made it easy for us to connect issues and prioritize the actions we’ll take for ongoing improvement. We’re now on step 7 of TalentMap’s 7-Step Process for Ensuring Success and the entire staff of the City of Kent is working together to make our collective future even brighter than previously thought possible!

Marty Fisher | Director of Human Resources, City of Kent Washington

We used TalentMap to deploy our employee engagement survey and the entire process from beginning to end was seamless. We couldn't have asked for better support. Our project coordinator answered all of our questions in a timely manner and helped us to setup and deploy the survey within a surprisingly short time frame. The reporting tools that we had access to during the survey allowed us to provide in-depth updates at the executive level. Our summary presentations to interpret survey results were informative and easily digestible, which in turn made our job easier to interpret results to the entire organization. We would definitely recommend TalentMap to any organization seeking professional services with employee engagement matters!

Cynthia Walters | Independent Consultant, Christian Children's Fund of Canada

This is now our 3rd year using TalentMap as our solution for Employee Engagement Surveys. The team at TalentMap is terrific from beginning to end and the project management team have always ensured that we feel supported both during and after the implementation process. The insights and analytics that the surveys have provided our organization are invaluable and have helped shape our engagement initiatives going forward.

Daniel Copeland | Senior Manager of Human Resources, Community Trust

Our employee engagement survey experience with TalentMap was excellent from start to finish. The software user experience was seamless and we felt very supported throughout the project. TalentMap’s team ensured that the project kept moving and that our questions were answered promptly.

Louise MacLean | Director of Human Resources, Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

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