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TalentMap's Pulse Survey Solutions

TalentMap Makes Pulse Surveys Easy and Fast to Deploy

Just about every organization finds itself operating in a vastly different environment than it did a handful of years ago. Faced with increasing complexities and a hyper pace of change, companies seek greater enterprise-wide agility. By gathering regular employee feedback with pulse surveys, HR professionals are able to support a dynamic workplace by gauging employee sentiments and reduce uncertainties.

With TalentMap's Pulse Survey solutions, organizations are able to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of post-survey improvement actions with valuable employee feedback
  • Diagnose reasons for successes or failures
  • Solicit valuable feedback on recent events or change initiatives
  • Quickly identify and respond to problems with meaningful actions
  • Augment enterprise-wide survey initiatives
pulse survey info sheet

Download the info sheet for more information on how TalentMap empowers HR professionals to customize or build their own workplace measurement programs based on their organization's objectives — while maintaining the ability to tap into decades of survey expertise and sector-specific knowledge.

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