Focus Groups

A How-To Guide

Gain Valuable Insights with TalentMap's Employee Focus Group Guide

After an organization has conducted an employee engagement survey, further dialogue may be needed to confirm and clarify results, unearth the root causes of issues, and provide deeper insights that feed into and aid action planning.

Employee focus groups probe identified problems and causes, and surface suggested solutions. The process allows participants to contribute without much preparation or effort, and promotes a healthy sense among employees that they are genuinely being “heard.”

In addition to these benefits, focus groups serve other constructive purposes.

TalentMap's Focus Group How-To Guide outlines approaches to help your organization dig deeper and bring to light employee feelings, observations, and preferences. The guide consists of three parts including:

  • Focus Group Planning
  • Facilitation
  • Reporting

Download the guide to ensure your focus group research is effective and perceptive.

focus group how-to guide

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Download the Focus Group Guide