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Enhance Your Employee Engagement Strategy
7 Workplace Trends for 2018

Enhancing Your Employee Engagement Strategy in 2018

Employee engagement continues to be a priority for organizations. However, as much as HR professionals focus on it, workplaces are not moving the needle. Current studies show that fewer than 1 in 3 employees are engaged worldwide. And on a related topic, only 45 percent of U.S. employees are “satisfied” at work.

Following a co-hosted webinar with Sharlyn Lauby from HR Bartender, this white paper outlines seven current workplace trends, how they impact employee engagement, and considerations to better inform and improve your own employee engagement strategies in 2018.

In addition to talking about current workplace trends and their impact on employee engagement, we want to use this white paper as a way to talk about technology.

Given the role that technology plays in our personal and business lives, is it possible for organizations to use the benefits of technology to grow engagement in our workplaces?

Read the white paper to learn about the seven employee engagement trends for today's technology-driven workforce, key considerations for your strategies, and next steps for 2018.

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