Employee Engagement Questionnaire

Can we map our old one to TalentMap's?

mapping employee engagement questionnaire

We can map your old questionnaire to TalentMap's employee engagement questionnaire. This allows you to keep your legacy data and compare your previous survey results to TalentMap's results. Before starting a new survey, we check whether any of the questions from an existing survey should be retained and revised or whether any will have to be removed. We recommend qualitative and statistical reviews on previous surveys to find any questions that should be retained in light of the current business context and survey objectives.

A qualitative review is used if the company's most recent survey is out of date or there is a desire to incorporate activities such as organizational change or capture elements of a new strategy. The qualitative review allows us to make sure that questions follow best practice in using consistent wording. This approach works well when launching a new strategy or values to ensure the survey aligns to these.

A statistical review helps you make the most effective questionnaire design decisions. It does this by identifying redundant questions that have, for example, continually achieved high scores but had little variance in the results. These can safely be deleted. Overlapping questions – for example, questions that are highly related and measure the same thing. These can also be deleted without reducing the effectiveness of the survey.

Carrying out a statistical review is particularly useful for questionnaires that have run for several years and need refreshing to ensure continued relevance and value. It can also help companies cut down survey length, which can increase response rates.

Are you thinking of changing employee engagement survey providers?

If so, and if you don't want to lose sight of previous year data, let TalentMap help you map your employee engagement questionnaire!

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1 Comment on “Can We Map Our Old Questionnaire to TalentMap’s Employee Engagement Questionnaire?

  1. yes, .we can use the previous questionnaire in order to compare the survey data to talent map results. In any organization that helps to avoid repeated or unwanted questions. Besides asking the right questions can reveal the area for improvement. They give information regarding how employees think, perceive, and feel about certain subjects and why. Because the questions involve a greater amount of a respondent’s time and effort, the secret is to ask strategically, thoughtfully, and sparingly.

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