Employee Engagement in Advocacy and Member-Driven Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations in the U.S. and Canada are constantly striving to provide additional value to their members, and senior management and boards of directors are increasingly cognizant that a highly engaged workforce is a prime ingredient in achieving maximum member value. In addition, many not-for-profits are at the forefront of progressive human resource policy, addressing issues such as flexibility, mental health and wellness, and diversity and inclusion strategies. But, are they paying off in terms of higher employee engagement?

Join Sean Fitzpatrick in this webinar where he draws on TalentMap’s extensive experience in measuring and improving employee engagement at not-for-profits, by focusing on those key drivers of engagement specific to this sector, such as a clear and inclusive vision for the organization, as well as assessing some of the emerging issues such as diversity and inclusion, and mental health.

Interested in learning more about actions you can take in your organization?

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