Employee Engagement Success Story:
MD Financial Management

Our organization is built on employee experience. Our CEO believes that if you deliver the best employee experience possible, you’re going to get the best client experience. So TalentMap has been able to help us to figure out what are the areas in our business that we need to really spend our time and energy on and consistently work through.

Hi, I’m Kathy Labrecque, I am the Vice President of Human Resources for MD Financial Management.

Working with TalentMap has actually been excellent for us. The hardest part for an HR person is you know what the issues are across the organization, but TalentMap has given us a way to actually get it in data format. We have really tangible information, not only at an enterprise level but that you could really drill down into each individual department. It’s really helped us focus on where are the areas where we want to spend our most time and energy.

When we first started getting the survey results we got a ton of comments from people; 400 pages of comments. So I sat down with Sean and said this is great but if you guys could help us put that in a format that makes it much more easily useable for us to look at; so this year we loved it when we got all our comments back because we got an infographic, we got them themed. For us it’s the partnership with TalentMap – of really being able to understand how do we use it, how does it add most value to us.

We really like that TalentMap offers a flexible service. We’ve got the ability to pick up the phone and call anybody whether it’s Norm, Sean, or anyone on the team to help us with any questions we’ve got. But in reality, the survey is so simple and easy to use that we don’t actually have to pick up the phone and call. The data’s great. It’s really user friendly and easy to interpret and to analyze and use. We love the fact that we get the data and the day we get it, we’ve got it shipped out to all our leaders across the organization.

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But what we like most about TalentMap is their ability to really help drill down into what are the key drivers for engagement. So while we ask a lot of different questions, it really focuses on the ones that are going to have the biggest impact for driving up engagement.

We continue to use TalentMap because we’re really thrilled with the end result. It’s a great way for us to get consistent data year-over-year, so the trend is important for us that the tools is simple and easy to use. It’s proven for us that it focuses on the areas that we need as a business to spend some time and energy moving up our engagement scores. It’s had a definite result in our business. We’ve gone from a low benchmark score to being the highest scoring survey in TalentMap’s databank.