Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters: Lessons from the Field

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Business pundits and scholars have long passed the point of debating whether Corporate Social Responsibility positively influences an employee’s behavior and sense of connection to their workplace. The consensus is clear: it does.

Research reports and academic papers tell us the hyper-mobile Millennial generation want to work where values and beliefs much like their own are supported; if those desires go unmet they pack up and move on to more meaningful employment, elsewhere. A study out of IBM Global Services found 44 percent of young professionals wouldn’t consider an employer with a bad reputation and nearly half said corporate social responsibility policies should be compulsory.

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So why does corporate social responsibility matter? Register for the webinar to gain answers to the following questions and more:

  • Why is there so much emphasis on altruism in the workplace?
  • What is the connection to engagement?
  • Where have CSR strategies genuinely and demonstrably worked?
  • How do organizations develop a compelling CSR position or build on an existing one to create a better world? Become employers of choice? And boost efficiencies?

TalentMap’s SVP of Engagement, Norm Baillie-David, provides an insider’s exposé on CSR experiences and lessons learned from the field.  As Norm navigates the peaks and valleys of initiatives gone right and wrong, he explores successful approaches used by highly engaging organizations and steers participants towards tactical paths that inspire, engage and make a genuine difference.

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About Norm Baillie-David

A recognized expert in workforce measurement and experiences, Norm Baillie-David, SVP of Engagement at TalentMap, works closely with clients to help them understand survey data to improve their workforce. Leveraging his research, strategy consulting, facilitation skills, and 30+ years of experience, Norm’s ability to tell a story with mounds of data give clients the needed direction and insight as to how to improve their workforce through a series of innovative workshops. Norm’s bilingualism and passion for workforce improvement have been a great asset in building and expanding TalentMap’s consulting business. When not en route to client meetings, Norm enjoys cooking, cycling, soccer, and getting his two teenage sons ready for life.

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