We give every employee a voice for workplace improvement. You can too! Come work with us.

Working with TalentMap

We give every employee a voice for workplace improvement.
You can too! Come work with us.

Our Values

Just Try Things: INNOVATE!

We're passionate about discovering efficiencies through technology and we love to automate our world. Learning new and interesting ways to complete our work excites and motivates us. We move quickly and we're competitive - doing first and asking for forgiveness later because who has the time.

Data Driven

Data - it's what we do. We provide our clients with data that enables them to make smart business decisions. Internally, we like when our team members bring data to the table to optimize current processes and offer new ideas to achieve the organizational goals of TalentMap and our partners..

Own It!

We own our successes and mistakes because the moment you own up, you learn. Owning it means taking responsibility and allows us to move quickly through projects and their outcomes. It also makes us a strong team that focusses on growth - personally, professionally, and organizationally.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Long-term relationships have built our business because we have cared about an exceptional client experience from the start. Our team is a family, dysfunctional like the rest and we're quite content with it. We work together and play together, experiencing all the ups and downs together along the way.


The pillars on which our values rest

Client First

Understand our clients wants and need, working with them to see what's possible


Focus on the growth of our clients on an individual and organizational level. Grow professionally and personally along with TalentMap


Help us put a TalentMap survey on every desk in our market

A career with TalentMap means that you’ll be working with a dynamic group of people in a fast-paced and exciting environment. TalentMap is a company comprised of professional, productive, technology-savvy individuals working collaboratively to deliver world-class products. We are building the world's best employee engagement survey experience designed to help managers and leaders make significant and sustainable improvements to their business through people.

  • Competitive Salary: You have options, so we pay top dollar for the right talent.
  • Benefits: The full meal deal, dental, health and more.
  • Technology and Tools: We spare no expense, you get all the latest tools and technology to succeed at your job & if you see something that you need, just ask.
  • Flexible Work Hours: This isn’t a strict 9-5 job and you can come and go as needed as long as goals are met and clients are happy.
  • Training/Tuition Support: Lifelong learning is a passion, we pay for training and support that will help you succeed.

Don't see the job you're looking for?

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